Port St. Lucie, FL


Why are you riding alone?

The Band of Brothers is for anyone who shares a common bond of riding motorcycles. Though we ride together, we are not a motorcycle club in the traditional sense. We are simply a group of people that understand the freedom that can be found only in the wind. "We're just good folks with families and careers who enjoy the rush of the wind in our faces." -Doc

Hello, my name is Doc; I formed the Band of Brothers to do what I love most, "being in the wind".  I was so tired of only having two choices.....riding alone or riding with an "MC" (and all that that entails).  I also knew that there were other riders that felt the same as I did.  Once I got the word out and Band of Brothers started coming together, I realized that those who chose to be a part of the Band of Brothers had a special spirit and together we would make a difference not only in their communities, but in the entire motorcycle community as well.  Over the past three years our members have seen each other through life's ups and downs, watched each others children grow and even welcomed a few grandchildren into the world.  We have supported a few children's charities and we know that we have made a difference in many lives.  Band of Brothers is an amazing organization, and like everything in life, the level of commitment is directly related to the benefits you will enjoy.

Ride Safe and Be Happy!